Family Link Myanmar


Family Link Myanmar is a UK-based humanitarian charity…small,  but with a huge passion to bring hope and love to communities in Myanmar.

Each pound donated goes towards the work abroad, often within days. We have regular monthly commitments to support many children in homes, as well as providing rice for the wider community. Our longer-term goals include income-generation through training and micro-finance.



April begins the 2 month season for well-digging. Many remote communities rely on walking a considerable distance to fetch dirty water. We have dug 9 wells to date.

Emergency Flood Relief

is often needed in the rainy season. Our friends in Yangon travel up to 15 hours by car, bike and boat to bring aid to stricken communities

Medicine & Hospital Care

Immediate response to needs for medicine or hospital care, or sadly funerals.


First Aid Training

Hygiene , simple first aid training and provision of basic first aid kits.


Holiday Camps

The children have never had a holiday or played games with craft. So we have run two  4-day holiday camps  for 122 children each time, many from remote villages.

Bible Conference

A 4-day bible conference for adults, where they meet other believers from remote areas  and can form lasting friendships. Fun and chatter late into the night!

Team visits to bring fun and dramas to two children’s prisons for ages 4-17.


Every year we travel out with teams , all self-funded, to build relationships first and foremost, always conscious that we receive more from our family there than we can ever bring them. We share our lives, our hopes and dreams and also our resources.

We cannot do everything but we can all do something; and our “something” is to bring hope, friendship, fun and resources to Myanmar. Those who have joined us in this exciting venture will agree that we receive infinitely more than ever we can offer, both on trips and as the home team!

Will you join us and see where the road takes us?

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