Posted 12.07.17

Thein Thein Phyu has begun treatment

It’s very exciting that little Thein Thein Phyu has begun treatment for her foot. She is a recent addition to the children at Pastor Mankey’s house.

There is a chance she may not then need surgery which would be great.Having a cast on for 16 weeks, changed every two weeks, will be very difficult and the humid heat will make it uncomfortable I would think.

We are now into the planning for our trip in October. It looks as if we will be doing 2 weeks teaching at Suan’s new Mission Training school. Challenging. At the moment the team is Angie, Mike and me but there is still time to jump in!

As we enjoy the summer sunshine with our cool fridge drinks, let’s remember all our friends in Myanmar who still are only receiving running tap water once a week, and electricity a few hours a day.


Fyl and team