Posted 26.06.17

Away team to home team!

Hi all,

We had a wonderful day yesterday praying and sharing with a few pastors in an outlying area. Two are moving to church plant in another village..these people are unstoppable and it’s so encouraging!

Then we had an amazing time with a little church led by an old lady and her daughter. To be a part of their worship with the beautiful older lady dancing round banging a drum was truly amazing.

Today we drove a long way to visit the all-Buddhist village where two of Suans elder boys are church planting. It is remote with no school and the boys have offered to teach reading and writing but the villagers are wary of them. Please pray for Ye Win and U Chin as the challenge for these lads is huge but they are very excited.

Then we visited the children’s prison for 4-18 year olds, again very remote. We shared two parables using drama with over 400 boys.

Here are a few pics. … the children’s prison, young pioneer church p,antlers with Suan, and prayer ministry in a bamboo house.

Love from us all,