Posted 05.04.17

Truly wonderful!

Hi everyone,
Camp finished yesterday and we have had our first day off. Precious memories.

It’s hard to even begin to describe the four days with over 100 children and some adults… 121 in all.

A large proportion of the children were Buddhist. When the parents in the remote Buddhist villages were told that it was a Christian camp, about 15 children were withdrawn. But as the truck was revving up to leave the village,the children and their parents jumped on and said they had changed their minds!

The believing children are really hungry for God and their worship is extraordinary. No language barrier on earth can stop your own heart from

worshipping with them. It is a quite unearthly experience.

On the second day we offered prayer and most came forward. Some Buddhist children and adults became believers, including a former Buddhist nun.

On day three we prayed for most of them to be filled with the Holy Spirit and as Gods presence filled the room, most came forward. The children then prayed for the sick.

Some children shared on the last day that they thought God had no interest in children but only adults !

On the last morning the crowds of children prayed for us as we knelt among them…. a moment we will never forget.

Our days with Suan resume on Friday, visiting pastors in outlying townships and bringing encouragement.

PLEASE continue to pray for us. We are all well and sleeping much better.We are so conscious that the team is made up of so many more than us five and we are dependent on your prayers so much at this time.

Our camp was called Living Water and on the last day God gave us Isaiah 12. 3.

“Therefore with joy you shall draw water from the wells of salvation. And on that day, you will say Praise the Lord!”

Love from us all,